Our Mission

Monstera is not just a traditional plant nursery as we take an esoteric perspective on plants with the aim to bring the human spirit back to mother earth. For us this is not a cliche, we understand the stress that life can cause, and we also understand the relief that Mother Earth offers. We all have an innate longing for peace, love, acceptance and balance. Somehow all these have become a rare commodity nowadays, but we firmly believe that every human being has a right to them.

Our modern globalised world comes with monumental advancements in science, medicine, economy, art and architecture but at the same time, it has taken so much away from us by severing the very foundation and roots that link us to our natural state of being.

In brief, we don’t just sell plants, we bring people back home to their real place on Earth, where they can feel the spiritual, emotional and physical connection to nature.