Common Problems and Solutions

Here’s how to troubleshoot things that are likely to go wrong with your Monstera plant.

Blackened Leaf Tips, Wilting, Root Rot and White Mould on the Soil

The most common cause of these symptoms is overwatering. Check the drainage on your pot. Don’t water the plant again until the top two inches of the soil is dry.

In extreme cases, you can exchange the waterlogged soil for new, dry soil. Be patient, you’ll need to wait a while to see the positive effects of your intervention. Good air circulation can help speed up the process.

Curling Leaves

This is usually a sign of underwatering. Give your plant a thorough soaking and implement a regular watering schedule as described earlier.

The Plant Appears Leggy and Floppy

All plants will lean towards a light source. If your plant is growing long and slender instead with sparse leaf cover, it probably isn’t getting enough light.

Stake you plant to give it extra support and move it to a new sunnier permanent location.

Pest Problems

Mealybugs, scale and gnat flies might occasionally take up residence on your Monstera plant. Remove them manually as soon as possible and then apply neem oil or pyrethrum to stop the spread.