How to Propagate a Monstera

Monstera Care : A Comprehensive Guide

How to Propagate a Monstera

You can propagate Monstera plants from stem cuttings. It’s important to use a sharp, clean knife or pair of shears so you don’t contaminate eitherthe parent plant or the Monstera leaf segments.

Soap and water are fine for cleaning your tools, and you can also apply some rubbing alcohol before use.

Start by cutting off a vine directly below a node or aerial root. Then cut each leaf on either side of an arterial root and node to make individual segments.

Pull off any old sheathing from te leaf stems. These will rot when submerged in water and disrupt the process of propagation. Set the cuttings aside for a few minutes to ‘heal’.

Place the cuttings inside a clear vase or jar. Roll up the aerial roots so they fit snugly in the bottom of the vessel. Arrange the stems into an attractive formation in the jar. Once they’ve started growing it’s difficult to adjust their configuration.

Fill the vessel with enough water to completely cover the roots and ends.

Place your jar in a sunny spot out of direct sunlight and change the water every three to five days. You’ll see new roots start growing after about three weeks.

After about 3 months you’ll notice the cuttings developing new leaves too. At this stage, you can plant your new Monstera in a pot of its own.