Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata


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ESTABLISHED PLANTS IN 180MM POTS AVAILABLE at 6PM on the 04th of OCTOBER 2022 Melbourne time.


Cultivate your own Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata, the most sought-after house and patio plant of the year. Easy to grow and care for, this exquisite and trendy member of the Monstera Deliciosa family is favoured among aroid collectors, high-end designers and novice plant owners alike.

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The Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegate is a somewhat smaller, more manageable and slow-growing variety of Monstera. Because it propagates vertically rather than outward, it’s an ideal houseplant—even for small spaces.

It is the brilliant variegation that makes these exotic, tropical plants so rare and desirable for decorating. Some leaves on the Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegate are half green and half white, while others may delight with more marbled, paint-splotch or speckle-like patterns.


Every leaf on the Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata is unique. In stark contrast to its sister plant, the laboratory-produced Monstera Thai Constellation, the intricate leaf variegation on the Monstera Borsigiana presents due to a rare and naturally occurring gene mutation in the stem of the plant. This mutation prevents part of the leaves from producing chlorophyll.


As the plant matures, fenestration, or natural holes, appear, further accenting the distinctive green and white markings. In its native habitat, the Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata climbs up tropical trees like a vine. Inside or on the patio, it grows best when provided a moss pole to support its aerial roots. The Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata requires minimal care. They thrive with bright, indirect light as the white parts of the leaves are sensitive to burning. Soil should be slightly moist, but not oversaturated, to avoid root rot.


Because Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata are rare natural plants and incredibly unique, please understand that as the plant grows cutting or pruning from the nodes may affect the consistency of the variegation. In rare instances, the plant may revert back to all green, and we cannot guarantee the amount of whiteness in any future propagation. 

A beautiful and unusual house plant, the Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata is increasingly hard to find. Prices vary depending on the amount of white variegation, and an ideal specimen will show a balanced mix of green and white in the stem. Handpick the perfect Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata from our limited stock today.