Monstera Thai Constellation


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Monstera Thai Constellation ESTABLISHED PLANTS IN 200MM POTS AVAILABLE at 6PM on the 04th of OCTOBER 2022 Melbourne time.


Order a Monstera Thai Constellation to obtain a rare, breathtaking plant. Please note the fenestrations, or natural holes in the leaves, appear as your plant matures. Your plant’s unique markings make it a rare find for plant enthusiasts.

   Please note: We have a 14 business day processing time. 

What Is a Monstera Thai Constellation?

Our Monstera Thai Constellation plants are designer varieties of the Variegated Monstera Deliciosa grown in tissue cultures. While its parent species has all-green leaves, the M. Thai Constellation exploits a mutation that creates cream/white star-like speckles and other cream/white areas on the leaves. 

Best of all, each plant differs slightly in the amount of variegation, giving you a truly unique plant. 

Where to Display Your Monstera Thai Constellation

Your plant will thrive indoors or in a sheltered outdoor spot on your veranda or patio. M. Thai Constellation loves the morning sunlight or filtered light throughout the day. The white leaves are achieved by a gene that prevents the leaves from creating chlorophyll, so they are sensitive to direct sunlight.

What Kind of Soil Should You Use?

When repotting your Monstera Thai Constellation, use well-drained soil in a 150mm pot or one that accommodates the size of your growing plant. 

Watering Tips

Water the Monstera Thai Constellation when 50-75% of the top soil is dry. Continuing water until liquid flows through the drainage holes to enjoy sufficient moisture. Pour out any standing water left in the saucer.

Limited Availability

Due to the limited availability of these unique plants, we may not be able to accommodate large orders. The extreme demand for these gorgeous plants makes them pricier than common houseplants. However, the Monstera Thai Constellation is easy to care for and it’s standout qualities make our clients happy they made the investment!