Repotting a Monstera

It’s a good idea to repot young plants once a year to encourage growth and rejuvenate the soil. Keep increasing the size of your container until you get to the largest size you can accommodate.

Once you’ve reached this point, be sure to top dress the soil in the pot annually to keep your plant happy.

The best time to repot your Monstera plant is during the spring, just before it starts its summer growth spurt.

If you’re repotting a large plant, you’ll need an extra pair of hands to help support the upper portion of the plant.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Choose a good-quality nutrient-rich potting soil with some, orchard bark and a bit of peat moss.
  2. Set a stake in the centre of the pot
  3. Remove your plant from its original container
  4. Set the base of the plant in the container
  5. The old soil line should be slightly below the level of how much you intend to fill your new pot
  6. Fill up the soil to cover the base roots and any aerial roots that extend into the soil
  7. Firm up the potting mix around the stake
  8. Finally, press the soil down firmly around the plant and attach the plant to the stake

The best type of stake for a Monstera plant is a moss roll. You can make one by cutting a piece of fine wire mesh just large enough to go around your stake. Then use wood staples to attach the wire hoop to the wooden stake.

Fill in around the stake with soaked sphagnum moss, pushing it into the mesh.

Post-Potting Monstera Plant Care

After repotting the plant, water it thoroughly.

Give it two weeks rest before you resume your fertilising program and then continue with your regular maintenance schedule of watering and misting as before.