What Makes Variegated Monsteras So Popular?

Monstera Variegation

What Makes Variegated Monsteras So Popular?

Variegated monsters are today’s trendiest houseplant. People love unique, special things and when you consider the uniqueness and scarcity of these plants, they’ll pay a premium for the privilege of owning one.

Houseplants have several proven benefits for suburban and urban dwellers such as:

Decorative value

They improve the condition of the air in a room by removing toxins

Increase the oxygen in a room

Mental and health benefits

If you want to enjoy the benefits of house plants, why not fill your rooms with unique varieties that’ll get all your house guests talking? There’s no doubt that a variegated monstera has the novelty factor in spades, and as such, it’s the hottest property in the plant market right now.

Find Your Own Variegated Monster Plant

To sum up, these are the main guidelines to ensure a long and happy life for your variegated Monstera Deliciosa plant:

Image by Duong Minh Le @duongminhle