About Us

Hello, nature and plant lovers!

My name is Karim and my company Monstera is based in Melbourne. We provide indoor plants from the Monstera Genus to customers across Australia. However, Monstera is much more than just an online shop for plants, we bring our customers a holistic experience and stay connected over social media to give post sale tips and offer a personalised service by assisting in the care of your new plant.

We recently got recommended by Gardening Australia as your one stop shop for Monstera plants

The making of Monstera

The Monstera project was born out of the need to re-establish the connection to our roots, to nature and to our essence as human beings.

It all started when my wife and I got married in the Autumn of 2018. As our new life commenced we couldn’t help but notice how disconnected from mother nature we have become and how detached we were from the here and now. I have always had a strong link to nature, and can describe myself as a lover of philosophy, frequently mulling over the human condition. This all brought about a decision to adopt an indoor plant. We named her Safaa, which means pure.

Safaa is a Monstera Deliciosa. Our bond with her grew stronger as the months and years went by. She taught us patience, perseverance and imbued a tranquil and calm tone to our home.

You are probably thinking,

‘How can a plant teach you anything?’

I strongly believe that you live to learn a new lesson every day and you need to keep an open and curious mind as you don’t know where the nuggets of wisdom might come from. Safaa shared her story of separating from her family and starting anew; she showed us that despite the circumstances life throws at you, with patience and perseverance you will sprout new leaves and new beginnings. She taught us with the stillness of her leaves that however turbulent life becomes, calmness is never too far away.

Safaa has sentimental value to us because she represents our beginning as a family, our enduring love and our perseverance.

And this is how, from this token of joy, came our newfound love for plants and “Monstera” was born.

Monstera is not just a traditional plant nursery as we take an esoteric perspective on plants with the aim to bring the human spirit back to mother earth. For us this is not a cliche, we understand the stress that life can cause, and we also understand the relief that Mother Earth offers. We all have an innate longing for peace, love, acceptance and balance. Somehow all these have become a rare commodity nowadays, but we firmly believe that every human being has a right to them.

Our modern globalised world comes with monumental advancements in science, medicine, economy, art and architecture but at the same time, it has taken so much away from us by severing the very foundation and roots that link us to our natural state of being.

In brief, we don’t just sell plants, we bring people back home to their real place on Earth, where they can feel the spiritual, emotional and physical connection to nature.

What do we do?

As Our Name Clearly Displays, we specialize in Monstera Plants.

Did you know that there are over 50 difference species within the Monstera family!

A large part of our business involves attending markets around Victoria and sharing our passion for the Monstera Genus. We also source from around the world, species from the Monstera genus that are hard to come across and on sell to our customers in Australia for reasonable prices. 

In addition to importing plants from overseas we also offer an export service to companies & individuals interested in importing plants from Australia.

When you buy from us you can rest assured that we’ll process all the necessary paperwork for the plant import or export service, we’ll also arrange bio security inspections to ensure that all legal requirements from both the importing and exporting country are followed to the letter.

What you can expect from us

When you order from us you will receive not just a beautiful plant in its soil medium, but also a booklet on how to care for your Monstera.

We are an online nursery so our business hours are pretty flexible. Feel free to reach out via email, through our website or our social media pages for all your Monstera questions or even if all you want is just to have a chat. We never tire from talking about Monstera plants.

Now and then we post on Facebook and Instagram, keeping you informed on our endeavours and our light bulb moments. We would love to interact with you through our social media platforms where we upload pictures of these magnificent plants, impart valuable knowledge and share any inspiration we come across.

But for now, we want to extend you a warm welcome, a high-spirited virtual embrace and a wish of peace.

We hope you enjoy your stay.