Monstera Deliciosa


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Give your living room or sun room a hint of the jungle with a Monstera Deliciosa house plant. This popular, easy-to-grow plant, colloquially known as a fruit salad plant, features distinctive dark green foliage and earns its name from the remarkable size of its leaves at full growth. A well-placed Monstera Deliciosa house plant is the perfect way to liven up a bare corner of your room or accent a tropical interior design theme. This plant comes to you already live and potted in a 120mm pot.

Care and Feeding

If possible, avoid setting up your Monstera Deliciosa house plant in direct sunlight, as doing so can cause burn damage. The plant grows most effectively in filtered or indirect light and at a temperature of approximately 25 degrees Celsius. As a rainforest plant, it also prefers humid environments.

Monstera Deliciosa is best planted in well-draining soil mixed with extra peat moss. Keep the plant’s soil moist but not damp enough to feel soggy. A good rule of thumb is to water the soil when the top third of the soil feels dried out.

Make sure the leaves keep their appealing looks by washing the leaves directly with a detergent/water solution. Regularly mist the leaves with a spray bottle of water to help the plant retain its vibrant color.


Due to Monstera Deliciosa’s significant rate of growth, windowsills aren’t the best placement choice for this plant; give it a place of honor on a floor near a couch or bookcase to give it room to evolve. 

Monstera Deliciosa can grow as large as 3 meters tall in its natural environment, but usually tops out at 1.5 to 2 meters tall in a home environment.  While using a stake or trellis is optional, it helps the plant grow upward over time. The Monstera Deliciosa house plant tends to outgrow a pot in about two years; simply move it to a slightly larger and deeper pot to allow it to keep thriving.